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Every full moon, I'm hosting a Soul Spa Circle online. In a group setting, we will create a safe space together to be ourselves with each other. To recharge our souls, clear our minds, expand our hearts and nourish our bodies.

You can bring all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and energies into the circle. You can come with all kinds of expectations, fears, desires, judgement.
The Soul Spa Full Moon Circle is a safe space. A gathering of all there is, uniting in love. Slowing down for a moment, being present with one another. Expanding the love we have for ourselves and all there is. Creating magic. Cultivating peace.

Every circle will be different, depending on the present energies. You can always expect a guided meditation, a sharing circle, upgrades for your whole being. Sometimes it might get super witchy, other circles might focus on art, sometimes we'll jump down a rabbit hole, or two, and explore different dimensions.

The Soul Spa Full Moon Circle is for you, if you're craving connection, community, togetherness, while connecting deeper with your true authentic self.

Your participation will contribute to the accelerated manifestation of world peace in this reality. 100% guaranteed.

And it will be lots of fun too. I promise.

Upcoming Soul Spa Full Moon Circles:

04.06.2023 // 20:00 – 21:30 CET


I'm curious – €13

I love this – €22

I feel abundant – €33

Choose the date and ticket that suits your needs best. After purchasing a ticket, you'll get a download link and an email with the information for the Zoom meeting for your chosen date.

What you'll need: A safe, comfy space with a good internet connection to completely unplug from the external for the duration of the event. Have a pen and a journal/paper close by, and then join me for a spa session for your soul.

SPECIAL OFFER: you'll get a free ticket for the next upcoming Soul Spa Full Moon Circle with every purchase of:

I'm looking forward to connecting with you.
Reach out NOW if you’re having any questions.


If you want to find out more about me, I recommend having a look at my art and my Instagram account.

P.S. If you have one or some friends who would enjoy such a Soul Spa Full Moon Circle too - please invite them.
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