into the unkNOWn // 10-Day Journey
into the unkNOWn // 10-Day Journey
into the unkNOWn // 10-Day Journey
into the unkNOWn // 10-Day Journey
into the unkNOWn // 10-Day Journey

into the unkNOWn // 10-Day Journey

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Into the unkNOWn 29.01.2021 - 07.02.2021

A 10-day trip into the quantum space of the universe from within the comfort zone of your home. A guided mind journey that will fulfill your needs for travel experiences, adventures, and self-reflection in the most relaxed way. We will travel deep into your inner world and I will be your inter-dimensional tour guide.

Do you want to go on an adventure with me? Do you want to experience something new and exciting? Do you want to see and feel things you’ve never seen or felt before? Do you want dreams to become real? Do you want to taste magic and discover a whole new world? Explore yourself and this reality in a completely new way? What if I tell you there will be treasures too? And gifts? Hidden doors? Portals? Beings from other realms? Inter-dimensional pathways? Believe me or not, you might even find all the answers you’re longing for. Unveil some, maybe all, secrets of the universe.

How does this sound? Does it excite you?

Will you follow me into the unkNOWn?

>>> 29.01.2021 - 07.02.2021 <<<

It’s a journey, it’s a trip, we’ll be traveling together into the quantum space and yet you won’t have to leave your comfort zone once. From within your home, you’ll discover the infinite abundance of consciousness itself. Through guided meditations and shamanic practices, I’ll lead you into experiences, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. My voice will be your inter-dimensional travel guide, your anchor, so you can fly into the depths of a space in which the impossible becomes possible.

A dream journey into the quantum space.

You will receive gifts, find hidden treasures, explore other dimensions, connect with loved ones, and your spirit guides. You’ll be surprised by the vividness of your experience and how easily you’ll be able to enjoy the journey with all your senses. There’s not much to do for you besides leaning back and allowing me to guide you into the unkNOWn. No experience with meditation needed. If you tapped into meditative states of consciousness, shamanic journeys, astral traveling, or lucid dreaming before your experience will be enhanced.

During our 10-day trip, we'll open a container together in which we will create our own little vortex as if we were traveling with each other to another country. You will be able to fully pay attention to anything that needs your attention in your everyday life and yet you will feel as if you're on vacation during these ten days.

  • We'll start our journey on the 29th of January with an online group session in which I will explain in detail how everything works and we will create a space to fully embrace the unkNOWn together. There's nothing you need to prepare for this trip, we'll go through everything you need to know to get the most out of this experience in our first session. This group session will also be the first of three guided quantum dream journeys we will have together during this 10-day trip. Every journey will have a specific theme, will guide you deeper into yourself, and unveil more vivid experiences created by the infinite abundance of your imagination.
  • On every day during our ten days together you will receive quests, inspiration, and surprises to enhance your inter-dimensional travel experience in your everyday life via our own WhatsApp (or alternative messenger provider) group, through which you can also connect with the other travelers in our group. The daily quests and tasks will take between 5 minutes or up to three hours every day, depending on how deep you want to dive in. There will be some white rabbits for you to follow.
  • You and I will also connect one-on-one for a journey individually created for you, in which your dreams will become reality.

By the end of our 10-day trip together you’ll feel like you just came back from the adventure of your lifetime, you’ll be filled with inspiration and ready to face anything this year will bring. Knowing that you’re exactly at the right time, at the right place, doing exactly what you’re meant to do.

And just in case you wanna go on some more journeys after our 10-day trip, you'll also get as a special gift from me free admission to five public journeys into the unkNOWn I'm guiding in 2021.

How does this sound?

Continue reading for more information and details:

What? When? How much?

29.01.2021 8pm - 10pm CET

The first session will prepare you for what’s to come, I'll explain everything in detail, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll easily start into this adventure together with a fun journey into a magical forest. You'll receive some gifts, open some hidden doors, and discover deep insights into your subconscious mind and your ability to dream big.

29.01. - 07.02.2021 Daily inspiration and quests
You will get daily inspiration to use your imagination to your advantage in your everyday life. Fun quests and tasks, some white rabbits for you to follow, to enhance your inter-dimensional experience and influence the dreams that come alive in front of your eyes. We will have our own WhatsApp group for that, through which you can also connect with the other travelers on this journey.

31.01.2021 8pm - 10pm CET
In the second group session, we will dive deeper into the quantum space with a journey during which you’ll meet one (or more) of your spirit guides and connect with your spirit animal. We will also have a sharing circle about the daily quests and tasks.

One private journey (date and time to be defined by you and me)
Besides the three group journeys, you and I will also go on an adventure together. You will experience one personal session with a journey that will be created by me based on your needs and wishes. Any trip you ever wanted to take, any experience you ever wanted to have, any adventure that’s ever been calling you, can be the blueprint for your personal journey. Imagine. Anything is possible. The day and time of your individual journey will be defined by you and me together once you’ve booked your ticket. (Worth 130€ + you'll get a discount for every private journey you book in the future with me as your inter-dimensional travel guide)

07.02.2021 8pm - 10pm CET

We will end our trip together with a third group session and closing ceremony. The topic of this journey will be revealed to you in divine timing and it will include some special surprises tailored for our group experience.

Free admission to five public journeys
On top of that you’ll receive free admission to five public journeys into the unkNOWn I will guide in 2021. (Worth: 110€)

There are only 8 spots available for this 10-day trip, so get your ticket now and then follow me into the unkNOWn.

The fuck yes I want this 222€
The I’m not sure yet, I might want my money back 333€
The I want it so much I’m ready to pay anything 444€
The I fucking love this and I’m abundant as fuck 666€

If you choose the 333€ ticket you’ll have the option to get your money back with the following things needed to be fulfilled - you were present for every group session/journey and decided at the end it was not worth your money and you want it back (you decide if you then want the full amount back or if you want parts of it back, I fully trust you in this and absolutely accept any decision).

All payments have to be done upfront. There are payment plans available, send me a message for more information on this.

There’s also one free spot available, so if this journey is calling you but you’re lacking sufficient funds contact me NOW to find out more about how you can get the free spot.
If you’re feeling a full-body fuck yes, that’s what I want, then go ahead and book it now.

I'm looking forward to guiding you into the unkNOWn.
Reach out NOW if you’re having any questions.


If you want to find out more about me I recommend having a look at my art and my Instagram account.

"Each journey with Yvonne is so magical and special. She is so creative and has such a sweet and calming voice that it is easy to fly into other dimensions. What I love the most is that she guides us always into incredible situations and also gives us the freedom to create our own trip. I feel really connected, peaceful, and learn a lot about the universe, myself, and my subconscious. When the journey is over I feel so happy, relaxed and already wishing another journey with and into Infinity"

"I've never meditated before and was amazed about how I was able to access a state of mind in this journey I thought was impossible for me to reach."

"I had no idea what to expect from this journey and I got surprised in the most fulfilling way. Would love to go on more journeys into the unknown with Yvonne. Her voice made me feel safe and loved and I'm curious what else I can discover within the quantum space of my mind with Yvonne's guidance."

“I fell asleep in the middle of the journey and I’m really bummed to have missed some fun parts, but that nap was one of the best I had in a very long time so thanks for that.”

“It felt like being awake in a very vivid dream in which everything is possible. I’m curious for the advanced level journeys Yvonne plans on offering. I want more adventures in the quantum space.”

“Every journey with Yvonne is a unique unforgettable experience, she's an incredibly talented astral guide and storyteller.. with her sweet warm voice she is able to guide you through a VERY vivid dream-state that triggers your imagination and allows you to travel deep into your inner world in a playful and easy way. During her guided journeys I've been able to connect with my higher self/guides/spirit animals and receive very precious insights that helped me a lot in my daily life. I'm very grateful to have her in my life and I recommend this experience to everyone, especially to those who don't have any kind of previous spiritual experience.”


Is it a guided meditation or shamanic journey?

It is in a way and yet it’s not. For every journey, I will guide you into a deep meditation and we will connect with the spirit world and at the same time, I’ll open portals to whole new dimensions of this existence for you, while being your inter-dimensional travel guide. It’s a mix of all of this and yet it’s more. It’s like walking through a very vivid dream, being the dreamer of your own creation, while my voice functions as the narrator of your own movie.

What if I’ve never meditated before?

You do not need any experience with meditative states of consciousness. These journeys are designed for all levels of experience. If you are familiar with meditation or altered states of consciousness your experience will be more enhanced.

Where and how will we connect?

For every journey, we will connect via zoom. From within the comfort zone of your home into the quantum space. Besides the three group journeys and the one personal journey on zoom, there will be a messenger group (likely Whatsapp) to get daily inspiration, tasks, and surprises and to connect with your fellow travelers.

How much time do I have to dedicate each day to get the most out of this 10-day journey?

Each group session/journey and your individual journey will be around 2h, the daily tasks and inspirations can be done in your very own timing and will take between 5 minutes or up to three hours, depending on how deep you want to dive.

What happens if I miss or when I'm late for one of the group journeys?

Just like on a plane once boarding is completed you can't hop onboard anymore. To ensure the best experience for everyone it's not possible to join the journey once the meditation process has started. If you're late, you missed the journey. So be there in divine timing to save your spot. If you can't join us for one of the group journeys you can always join one of my public journeys in 2021. (Public journeys normally happen once or twice a week).
Will the group journeys be recorded?

No. For every journey we'll create a safe space together and also have sharing circles, therefor journeys won't be recorded.

How does it work with the individual journey?

Once you've booked your ticket, you and I will hop on a quick call and discuss the details of your personal journey. Have a look here for more information on individual journeys into the unkNOWn. We'll agree on a time and date for your journey that suits both of us, it can but doesn't have to be during the ten days of our group journey.

Are all journeys in English?

The main language for this 10-day trip is English so all group communication will be done in English including the group journeys and the daily tasks. If you do prefer your own individual journey to be in German that's absolutely possible.

Does this have anything to do with drugs?

No. You will get high on your own supply through meditative practices and your own imagination, there’s no need to add any substances and I highly advise you to be sober for every journey. I do recommend though a cup of (ceremonial) cacao to drink before we start as this will ground you, open your heart, and help you stay awake.

Is it just my imagination or is everything that’s happening on these journeys real?

Decide for yourself after the 10-day trip.
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