The Deep Lake - A Guided Journey

The Deep Lake - A Guided Journey

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This guided journey will take you to a deep lake in a magical forest.

Disconnect from everything else for 22 minutes and let me guide you on this journey, that will bring relaxation, emotional release, refreshment, and magic into your life.

Expect to experience something you’ve never experienced before. You can jump into the unknown, not knowing at all how it will be like, if you’ll like it or not, what might happen, or not. You can explore it with childlike wonder, curious and ready for anything. One thing is sure: you are always absolutely safe and loved.

My journeys and meditations are as real as it gets. Real, deep, and sacred.

You can let your guard drop when listening to this journey. You can put away your armor, take a leap of faith and open your heart completely.

I guarantee you that you will feel safe and loved, held, protected and abSOULutely free.

You will feel whole within yourself and achieve an even deeper level of inner peace.

This journey might also trigger you to the core and release judgment, rejection, anger, disgust, disappointment and maybe even hate and such.

If that happens, breathe through it, allow it, it’s okay. Be curious about it. Accept, embrace, forgive and love your way through it. A start might be to accept that you can’t accept, embrace that you can’t embrace, forgive that you can’t forgive and love this then instead.

Observe your triggers, your impulsive reactions, your resistance. You will find answers through this, understand yourself better.

Then, once you’ve released and processed all that, I guarantee you, that you will reach a breakthrough, a new sense of freedom. More love than what you can imagine right now.

You might very well enter a whole new level of existence. I kid you not.

You will receive a full upgrade, for your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, your whole existence, if you allow it.

I bet one of my middle toes, that some of you will have out-of-body experiences. Some of you might even meet god. I kid you not.

Does this feel exciting to you? Good. Follow that excitement. Take a risk, jump into the unkNOWn. The abyss is a feather bed.

I promise you that.


I'm curious – €13

I love this – €22

I feel abundant – €33

Choose the price that feels most aligned for you with what you have right now and what you want to give. Through this, my meditations and journeys are accessible for everyone. If you do not have any sufficient funds and feel the call to try one of the meditations or journeys, just send me an email to and I will send it to you for free. I know you will pay it forward in your very own way.

Thank you for going on this journey with me.

The Deep Lake – A Guided Journey

22 min audio file for download after purchase

✨ Testimonials ✨
"Each journey with Yvonne is so magical and special. She is so creative and has such a sweet and calming voice that it is easy to fly into other dimensions. What I love the most is that she guides us always into incredible situations and also gives us the freedom to create our own trip. I feel really connected, peaceful, and learn a lot about the universe, myself, and my subconscious. When the journey is over I feel so happy, relaxed and already wishing another journey with and into Infinity."

"I've never meditated before and was amazed about how I was able to access a state of mind in this journey I thought was impossible for me to reach."

"I had no idea what to expect from this journey and I got surprised in the most fulfilling way. Would love to go on more journeys into the unknown with Yvonne. Her voice made me feel safe and loved, and I'm curious what else I can discover within the quantum space of my mind with Yvonne's guidance."

“It felt like being awake in a very vivid dream in which everything is possible. I’m curious for the advanced level journeys Yvonne plans on offering. I want more adventures in the quantum space.”

“Every journey with Yvonne is a unique, unforgettable experience, she's an incredibly talented interdimensional guide and storyteller. With her sweet warm voice she is able to guide you through a VERY vivid dream-state that triggers your imagination and allows you to travel deep into your inner world in a playful and easy way. During her guided journeys, I've been able to connect with my higher self/guides/spirit animals and receive very precious insights that helped me a lot in my daily life. I'm very grateful to have her in my life, and I recommend this experience to everyone, especially to those who don't have any kind of previous spiritual experience.”

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