Essentials for every moment

Are you wondering what kind of products we love and use not just every now and then but very often so?

Here are our favorite essentials to live a happier life, supporting us in loving ourselves how we want to be loved and treating ourselves how we want to be treated.

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Shaktimat Acupressure Mat

This mat truly is a game changer. It's not only good for your back, it's also perfect to combine your daily meditation practice with laying on the Shaktimat. OR if you want to enhance your experience even further, we recommend getting one of our guided journeys to listen to while you lay on your Shaktimat. Imagine... you relaxing on your Shaktimat, your body relaxing more and more, while your mind and soul go on a guided journey into the quantum dream realm. Pure bliss!

Get your Shaktimat Acupressure Mat now.

Ayurvedic Natural 7 Chakra Collection Incense Sticks

I do not care if you know anything about chakras, but if you're curious, there's lots of wisdom all over the internet. I still can't remember the “official names” of all chakras, but I do know there's a Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra. And I've learned that when I feel ungrounded it does help to focus on my root chakra, or when I feel insecure that it helps to pay attention to my solar plexus chakra. And I found out that these incense sticks do smell pretty good. You can use them to just bring some fresh scent into your home, to work consciously on your chakras, or you can use them for rituals, self-care moments (like when you're laying on your Shaktimat while listening to one of our guided journeys), etc etc.

Get your Ayurvedic Chakra Incense Sticks now.

Moleskine Cahier Notebook

I do write diary since my childhood. Many years I've been using the notes app on my phone (check out the blog to dive deep into my soul), but some now during the last few years I switched back to writing my diary by hand. I had an old Moleskine Notebook lying around, and I really like the size and the feel of the paper. If you haven't started journaling yet or are looking into which notebook to buy next... get your Moleskine Cahier Notebook now.

Zen Meditation Cushion

No matter if you do have a meditation practice yet or if you want to start meditating now, it does make a difference where and how you're meditating. I do like meditating when sitting on my balcony or sofa and just observing my thoughts, but when I do want to dive deeper I prefer sitting on my meditation cushion on the floor of my living room. I got this exact one a few years ago, and it's still comfy, so I can highly recommend it.

Get your Zen Meditation Cushion now.

Rumi Oracle Deck

This is my absolute favorite oracle deck ever. I LOVE Rumi and his poems, and these cards just speak to me in a way no other oracle deck does. The messages are long and written in a way as if Rumi is speaking to you directly. The artwork on the cards is also abSOULutely stunning. I do have at least 15 different oracle decks, but I always come back to this one. When I'm feeling a bit lost or when I'm craving external guidance, these cards always show me the way and bring me back to my true north. As the messages are pretty long, this deck is perfectly suited for one card readings, but you can obviously also use this deck with all kind of spreads. My favorite is the 3 card “past, present and future” spread. I've done btw many many readings for others too... so if you do want a reading... send me an email to and let's arrange something.

Get your Rumi Oracle Deck now.

Epsom Salt and Coconut Oil

These two go hand in hand for me. If you do have a bathtub you can obviously use Epsom salt for baths, but I only have a shower, so I came up with my own self-care cleansing ritual. When I had a particular stressful day, when I'm feeling weird or just want to wash EVERYTHING off, then I make myself a body scrub with Epsom salt and coconut oil. If I want to enhance the experience, I burn some chakra incense sticks, palo santo or sage and put on some frequencies to listen to while in the shower. Then I scrub my whole body (not the hair) with Epsom salt and coconut oil, rinse well while envisioning how all that doesn't serve me anymore gets washed off me. Afterwards my skin feels amazing and my whole being is glowing.

Get your Epsom Salt and coconut oil now.

There are more things we love, so this list will be edited every now and then. And while you're still here... WELCOME HOME!