Schwäbische Meditation

Schwäbische Meditation

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Di meditation do hanna isch uff schwäbisch. Entwedr du verstoschst odr it. Firr 10 minutä kascht di mol so richtig entspanne und abschalte. Des duet einfach guat. Egal ob du scho mol meditiert häscht odr itte, di schäwbische meditation isch firr elle geaignät.

This meditation is in Swabian, my mother tongue, a German dialect. Especially if you do not understand a word, I recommend doing this meditation, if it's calling you.

Expect to experience something you’ve never experienced before. You can jump into the unknown, not knowing at all how it will be like, if you’ll like it or not, what might happen, or not. You can explore it with childlike wonder, curious and ready for anything. One thing is sure: you are always absolutely safe and loved.

My journeys and meditations are as real as it gets. Real, deep, and sacred.

You can let your guard drop when listening to this meditation. You can put away your armor, take a leap of faith and open your heart completely.

I guarantee you that you will feel safe and loved, held, protected and abSOULutely free.

You will feel whole within yourself and achieve an even deeper level of inner peace and understanding.

Through this meditation you'll also receive a full upgrade, for your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, your whole existence, if you wish so.


I bin wunderfitzig – €13

Des find I guat – €22

I han meh als gnuag – €33

Choose the price that feels most aligned for you with what you have right now and what you want to give. Through this, my meditations and journeys are accessible for everyone. If you do not have any sufficient funds and feel the call to try one of the meditations or journeys, just send me an email to and I will send it to you for free. I know you will pay it forward in your very own way.

Und firr elle Schwobe: die Meditation kascht auch umsuscht hau, wenn dr mr a mail schikscht, odr du zahlscht halt wa de wettscht. Guat, gell?

Thank you for meditating with me.

Schwäbische Meditation

10 min audio file for download after purchase

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