March 31.




There’s a relationship template available in this reality, adaptable for all kinds of connections. Partnerships, friendships, families, acquaintances, colleagues.
It’s based on love and respect. Honesty and trust. Being present with each other.
This template has always been available, so it’s not really new, but it’s kinda still an insider tip, as it seems.
Connections are easy, nourishing, enjoyable, healing with this template, for everyone involved.
The catch is though, when connecting with others who use a different relationship template, one based on lies and deception for example, the connection will be experienced as stressful, confusing, exhausting or painful for all involved.
Then it’s highly advised, for the highest good of all involved, to disconnect and detach from one another, until all involved have decided for themselves which relationship template they want to use. And if it’s in alignment re-connection can happen.

So, which relationship template do you use? Do your connections feel easy, nourishing, enjoyable, or healing? Or is there stress, confusion, exhaustion and pain present?

How do you want your connections to feel like?

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